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Star House Foundation

Our halfway houses for women are a way to provide support and guidance for these women as they try to make their way back into society.

Star House Foundation:
A Better Way Home

Foundation to Freedom is helping you with a halfway house for women that provides support and guidance for these women as they try to make their way back into society. We are nonprofit organization that provides a safe and supportive living environment for people who are struggling with addiction or mental illness.

We help women who have been incarcerated or who are struggling with addiction or mental health issues, providing a safe and supportive environment for these women, and helping them to develop the skills and resources they need to lead productive and successful lives.

Our Star House is committed to helping these women rebuild their lives and providing them with the support they need to succeed. Star House Foundation is an essential resource for these women and for the community as a whole.

Our halfway house for women located in DeLand, Florida provides recovery housing and case management services for women recovering from substance use and co-occurring disorders with a focus on reunification with their children.

Designed for women who are both stable in their recovery or just starting out with this new way of life, the program teaches life skills and provides a case manager who oversees their stay and works with the courts to reunite them with their children, if needed.

We are waiting for you in our Star House!

• Sober living for adult females in need of a supportive living environment with a goal to transition to independent living.
• On-site residential staff support and case management services.
• Support with long-term recovery.
• Support in attaining independent living.
• Alcohol and drug monitoring.
• Professional staff over site.
• Case management and on-site residential staff support.
• Peer recovery support services.
• Services for women and children's & family reunification.

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