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Women's Sober Living

We offer sober homes for women battling addiction. Our program is designed for those well into their recovery journey and those just starting. We provide life skills training and a dedicated case manager who assists with their stay and collaborates with the courts to reunite them with their children if necessary.

Sober Living for Women: A Safe Haven on the Road to Recovery

The road to addiction recovery is difficult, and having the right resources and support is crucial. Women can transition from addiction to a rewarding life in recovery in a safe and supportive environment provided by women's sober living homes. Here, they can focus on their recovery and learn the skills to sustain long-term sobriety in the unique and empowering environment offered by sober living homes.

Finding a safe and supportive living environment for women who struggle with addiction can be critical to their recovery. That's where Foundation To Freedom comes in. Our Non-Governmental Organization provides sober living homes where residents can live in a drug-free environment while receiving the support they need to achieve lasting sobriety.

What to Expect When Living in a Women's Sober Living Home

Living in a women's sober house is a unique experience that can be transformative for women in recovery. Here's what to expect when living in sober living houses:

recovery community

Our sober housing is a communal living environment, and residents share living spaces, such as kitchens and living rooms. This communal living provides a sense of belonging and support.

Peer Support

Living with other women in recovery provides an opportunity for peer support, which can be instrumental in achieving lasting recovery. Residents can share their experiences, offer encouragement, and build lasting friendships.

Structure and Rules

Our sober livings homes have rules and expectations that residents must follow, such as curfews and house chores. This structure helps residents maintain sobriety and create a stable and healthy environment.

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Why Women's Sober Living Homes are Important

At Foundations To Freedom, we provide sober living homes for women in recovery. Women recovering from substance abuse frequently face unique challenges. They may have experienced trauma or abuse that contributed to their addiction, or they may be struggling to balance the demands of motherhood with the need for recovery. For these women, having a secure and encouraging home is crucial. Women's sober living facilities offer a drug-free environment where residents can concentrate on their recovery, free from outside distractions and triggers, for a sober life.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

At Foundation To Freedom, we understand women's challenges when overcoming addiction. That's why we provide safe and drug-free homes that serve as a supportive environment for women in recovery. Our homes are designed to offer a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere where women can rebuild their lives and regain their independence.

structured living environment

Recovery can be challenging, and having a structured environment can help women stay on track. Foundation To Freedom's homes provides a daily routine with chores, meetings, and other activities. We recognize that the road to recovery can be a challenging journey, and a structured environment can help women stay on track.

Peer Support

Living with other women in recovery can be a powerful source of support for women on the journey to recovery. We understand that the isolation and loneliness often accompanying addiction can significantly hinder recovery. That's why our homes provide a community of women who understand the challenges of addiction and can offer encouragement, accountability, and a sense of camaraderie.

Professional support system

A comprehensive approach to recovery includes the support of trained professionals. That's why our homes are staffed by a team of experienced and compassionate professionals who support and guide our residents as they navigate the challenges of early recovery. Our staff members are trained to recognize the unique needs of women in recovery.

How much does it cost to live in halfway houses?

Our non-profit organization provides a safe and supportive living environment for recovering women. We aim to help our residents transition to a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Currently, Foundations to Freedom does not take anyone on the MAT program. An individual must be completely clean and sober of all substances upon admission. We also currently do not admit a convicted sex offender or anyone with severe mental health and violent criminal background.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more in-depth information on the cost of residing in a halfway house. Our knowledgeable team will happily assist you and provide all the necessary details.

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How do people qualify for our safe environment?

To be accepted into a Foundation's house, a person must meet the following mandatory requirements:

▪ For the Empowerment house, you must be a woman with a child or children.
▪ Each individual must express a desire to turn away from their addictive lifestyle and a willingness to remain clean and sober.
▪ Each individual must complete all intake forms, including the application and liability waivers.
▪ Each individual must completely abstain from all mind- & mood-altering substances. This includes illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs (certain medical exceptions can be made), or any other substance used to alter the mind or mood of an individual.
▪ Each individual must commit to staying sober for at least twelve (12) months.

▪ Each individual must participate in all classes, counseling sessions, and work and fundraising activities.
▪ Each individual must be willing to learn how to stay clean and sober through the twelve (12) Steps of Recovery programs of Alcoholics Anonymous ("AA") or Narcotics Anonymous ("NA").
▪ Each individual must either have a job, be actively seeking employment (this will be verified), attend an outpatient program, or participate in community service or volunteer work during the day.
▪ Each individual must pay a one-time admission fee due at intake.
▪ Each individual must pay the House fee (see section § 3.02). Please note that during the admissions process, Foundations must call local law enforcement to determine if there are any active warrants on the client.