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Empowerment House

The Empowerment House, nestled in the heart of DeLand, Florida, offers a 10-bed women’s recovery residence where individuals can find solace and support on their journey to recovery and empowerment.

Women, Women & Children House: Empowerment House in DeLand, Florida

The Empowerment House is a 10-bed women’s recovery residence situated in DeLand, Florida. Discover how our program provides a secure and supportive environment for women with children in recovery, offering ample space for residents seeking a path to wellness. If you want to check all of our homes, click here to find more.

Foundations To Freedom offers comprehensive case management services in all of its homes. Each woman is assigned a Case Manager who assists them in all aspects of their recovery and daily life. Through an individualized case plan, the Case Manager can identify each client’s needs and determine which services will best aid them in achieving long-term sobriety. Services range from HIV and Hepatitis C testing and treatment to job placement and career counseling, addiction, mental health, and trauma counseling, medical care, getting medical insurance, childcare, and family reunification. Empowerment Halfway House is an essential resource for these women and for the community as a whole.

The Women and Children's Program at Empowerment Halfway House is a safe, supportive, and substance-free home environment that encourages sobriety and helps women ages 18 and up achieve their goals. Women who are mothers can bring up to two children aged 8 or younger into the residence, depending on the available space. The program provides confidential services to both individual women and mothers with children, or those who are pregnant. Designed for women who are both stable in their recovery or just starting out with this new way of life, the program teaches life skills and provides a case manager who oversees their stay and works with the courts to reunite them with their children, if needed.

Qualification Criteria for Residency in Empowerment Halfway House

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Empowerment House, along with their answers, to provide you with a better understanding of our program and services.

Desire to turn away from addiction: Each person must state their readiness to stay sober and clean as well as their desire to change their addictive lifestyle.

All intake forms, including the application and liability waivers, must be finished by each person.

Abstinence from all substances that alter the mind or mood: Each person is expected to keep complete abstinence from all substances that alter the mind or mood. This includes any substance used to affect a person's mind or mood, including illicit drugs, booze, prescription medicines (some medical exceptions may apply), and prescription drugs.

Each person must pledge to keeping their sobriety for at least twelve (12) months.

Participation in therapy and classes: Each person is expected to attend all counseling and class meetings, as well as work and fundraising events.

Each person is needed to pay a one-time entry fee.

Twelve (12) Steps of Recovery programs: Each individual must be willing to learn how to stay clean and sober through the twelve (12) Steps of Recovery programs of Alcoholics Anonymous ("AA") or Narcotics Anonymous ("NA").

Employment or community service: Each individual must either have a job, be actively seeking employment (this will be verified), be attending an outpatient program, or be participating in community service or volunteer work during the day.

No MAT program: At this time, Foundations to Freedom does not take anyone on the MAT program. An individual must be completely clean and sober of all substances upon admission. We also currently do not admit a convicted sex offender or anyone with severe mental health and violent criminal background.

House fee: Each individual must pay the House fee. Please note that during the admissions process, Foundations are required to call local law enforcement to determine if there are any active warrants on the client.

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