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Fortitude Halfway House

Individuals in our Men’s Recovery Housing reside in home-like settings with a small group of other men as they prepare to integrate back into society.

Halfway House for Men: Fortitude Halfway House

The Fortitude House is a 10 bed men’s recovery residence located in DeLand, Florida. All Foundation’s houses provide peer recovery support services for its clients with a home-like and structured setting. Each client is guided by our peer staff offering practical life skills to prepare our clients to integrate back into society. Check out our homes in DeLand.

Supportive Living Environment

Fortitude House, our halfway house for men, offers a supportive atmosphere for adult males who need to transition to independent living. Living in a community with similar goals and challenges can foster a sense of belonging and personal growth. Our residents can live in a drug-free, safe setting, allowing them to focus on their recovery and long-term goals.

On-Site Residential Staff Support

On-site residential staff help and assist our residents at our halfway house. Our staff is available and trained to help and guide our residents. They help our residents handle their daily lives, resolve conflicts, and create a structured routine, allowing them to develop a sense of responsibility, accountability, and independence.

Peer Recovery Support Services

Our halfway house program relies heavily on group recovery support services. Peer-to-peer support groups, sober social events, and other supportive services help our residents achieve long-term recovery. Our peer recovery support services create a sense of community and belonging among our residents, allowing them to learn from one another's experiences and challenges.

Professional Staff Oversight

A professional team oversees and supports our residents in our halfway house program. Our staff has extensive experience in substance abuse recovery and is dedicated to assisting our residents in achieving long-term recovery. Our professional staff works with our residents to create individualized treatment plans.

Alcohol and Drug Monitoring

We provide alcohol and drug monitoring to our residents in order to ensure their safety and accountability. Residents who violate our policies face consequences as part of our monitoring program, which includes random drug and alcohol testing. This monitoring assists residents in remaining accountable and focused on their recovery objectives.


Our halfway house for guys, offers affordable housing choices for those in need of a supportive living environment. We understand the financial challenges that people in recovery face, and we work hard to make our program available to those who need it the most. Financial hurdles should never block a good recovery.