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Milestone House

The Milestone House is Foundations’ graduate house for both men and women, that provide a setting for our graduates to continue the path of recovery in a less restrictive structured environment.

The Journey Continues at Milestone House

Graduates continue to receive peer support from our staff, while allowing independence as each client prepares to integrate back into society.

Milestone House stands as a proud testament to the progress and determination of those who have taken significant strides on their recovery journey. As the graduate house of the Foundations' network, Milestone House offers a unique blend of continued support and increased independence for both men and women who are ready to take the next step in their personal growth.

This less restrictive, yet still structured environment serves as the perfect transitional space for graduates who have demonstrated their commitment to sobriety and are preparing to reintegrate into society. Milestone House is designed to honor the achievements of its residents while still providing the safety net of community and peer support that has been integral to their recovery process.

Residents of Milestone House benefit from the continued presence and guidance of our experienced peer staff. These staff members remain available to offer support and share their wisdom, yet they also encourage residents to exercise the independence they've cultivated throughout their recovery. This balance ensures that each individual has the space to practice self-reliance and decision-making in a supportive setting.

At Milestone House, graduates can look forward to a future filled with possibility. The house itself is a symbol of achievement—a place where the lessons learned and the milestones reached are celebrated and built upon. Here, the journey of recovery continues in an environment that respects the autonomy of its residents while still providing the communal support that has been a foundation of their success.