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Katherine’s Story – You are not alone!

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You are not alone!

My name is Katherine Russell and I am the Executive Director and founder of Foundations To Freedom. I am also a recovering addict.

Opening sober living homes has been a long-time dream of mine as I want to give back and help other addicts get what was so freely given to me.

I slipped into the disease of addiction late in life at the age of 28, by getting into a horrible car accident in August 2008 where I flipped a vehicle 9 times on the highway after a work van lost its ladder.

After I woke up in the hospital, spending several months in a coma and many surgeries. I had 3 brain surgeries, spinal surgery, foot reconstruction surgery and I broke almost every bone on my right side. When I woke up, I had no idea how much this accident was about to completely change my life.

Before the accident, I didn’t drink or use drugs in any form. I was well educated and held a high-paying job. After my accident, I was sent home with very strong narcotic pain medicine and quickly became addicted.

Through the course of my addiction, I lost everything, my home, my kids, my freedom, my family, and everything I owned. It took losing my second husband before I finally got clean.

Once I finally managed to stop using, the version of myself that I was left with was so far removed from the successful woman who started. Drug addiction changed every fiber of my being.

Through N.A. meetings, step work, and outside sources, I managed to put the pieces of my life back together. I know firsthand how difficult early recovery is and how it feels. There are so many things to repair to get your life back that it seems impossible. I created Foundations To Freedom to make those early months of recovery possible for anyone who wants to stop using and start a life of recovery.

Here at Foundations I have a staff who has also lived with the struggles of addiction and recovery and together we provide every service possible to assist the addict in early recovery.

I know firsthand that anyone who desires it and is willing to put forth the work can be rid of the obsession to use and live a drug-free life. Recovery is possible and the pain that addiction brings to the addict and the families of the addict can be overcome.

Are you looking for help?

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