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Mikey Rod Perspective

The definition and meaning of PERSPECTIVE

  1. Is the angle or direction in which a person looks at an object
  2. Point of view
  3. The ability to understand what’s important and what is not

Put your emotions to the side and focus on what’s important! That is the clear lens and that’s how you change your perspective.

Through trauma, pain, and other obstacles, this is how I came to see through a clear lens!

We come across situations in life that we face and if not handled correctly it begins to leave a stain. It dirties the lens with which we look through to see life and that is why self-awareness, or as I like to say, looking in the mirror, is truly important. At the age of 16, as a young teen, I was sentenced to a term of 12 years in prison for an assault that not only affected my life, but the life of all those involved.

If you know anything about prison life, once you go in you normally don’t come out the same. Now there were two ways I could look at life after prison. Through the clear lens or through the dirty lens. I chose to look through the clear lens. I want to make this clear, that this choice was a part of me growing up and being mature. I make no excuse for what I have done! I was wrong and I must admit that. I must hold myself accountable with no excuses. Upon my release, I began to put a plan together. Self-improvement was my main goal and one of the first things I had to remember to work on was people, places, and things. It is a part of healing, to move on and to let go. My therapy and counseling appointments were instrumental in my healing process. I began to fully understand where I went wrong. I was not the victim! I used the excuse of pain to engage in the activities that would eventually lead me to prison. My perspective now is one of maturity.

Instead of holding on, I choose to learn from my mistakes and to grow. To hold on is to harbor negative energy and develop toxic traits. This does nothing for you, it just keeps you in the same place. It is better to release it, and in my opinion, that’s how you heal.

You see through a clear lens when the smoke clears. It is easier to step back and see where things went wrong when looking through that clear lens. These small and simple steps can make or break a person. The wise will learn from their mistakes, or better yet they will learn from others too. The fool will look to blame one another.

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