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Men's Halfway House: Best Sober Living Home

Foundations to Freedom helps individuals seeking recovery from a substance use disorder to maintain sustained recovery, grow personally, and become a productive member of society. With peer-to-peer support from our staff, we know what it is like to live without the use of drugs. We see the whole person and have been there too!

We meet clients where they are by offering a person-centered plan, supporting each individual as they work towards healing the brokenness and restoring their lives to its full potential. We offer a safe and supportive living environment, with long-term, wrap-around support services.

Our Halfway Houses For Men:
The Best Living Environment

Welcome to Foundations to Freedom, a beacon of hope and transformation to a journey of recovery.  At our residences in Florida, we understand the challenges and complexities associated with substance use and recovery, and we are here to guide each client towards a life of healing and lasting change.


Foundations’ mission is to offer individuals recovering from substance use disorders a safe, structured, and supportive home-like environment that promotes recovery, personal growth, and civic responsibility.

Our goal is to help each client reclaim their dignity and gain the knowledge, skills, support, and resources necessary to maintain a drug-free, purposeful, and productive life.

As a community-based non-profit, Foundations is dedicated to assisting every qualified applicant who earnestly seeks recovery.


At Foundations, our culture is built on respect, accountability, compassion, and fellowship. As a dynamic community and organization, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive, professional, and healthy environment. This inclusive space invites everyone to contribute meaningfully to one another, our clients, and the broader community, fostering a legacy of impact and empowerment.

In every interaction and initiative, we strive to embody these core values, shaping a supportive network that champions recovery, personal growth, and collective well-being. Our commitment illuminates the path toward a brighter, more hopeful future for all we serve.

Why our Men's Halfway House is the Best Option for Recovery

At Foundations to Freedom, we offer housing to support those dealing with a substance use disorder, homelessness, domestic violence, family reunification for a parent with their child(ren), and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our services offer culturally and ethically based counseling to create a therapeutic plan that is individualized to meet the client’s goals for recovery.

Foundations’ offers a three-phase program curriculum: 

Phase I:

Each client is assigned a Case Manager who creates a personalized plan tailored to their specific needs. Clients build a support system, participate in daily mutual support groups and counseling sessions, obtain legal documentation, and share their personal life stories with their Case Manager. They are also required to gain employment, perform daily chores, and pass random urinalysis and breathalyzer tests. Upon meeting these benchmarks, typically within thirty to sixty days, clients advance to Phase II.

Phase II:  

Clients continue with the goals established in Phase I and work closely with their Case Manager to set and achieve new recovery goals. They work with a sponsor, join a home group, serve in their mutual support group, volunteer in the community, and reflect on their past and future selves. This phase usually lasts three to four months, after which clients are ready for Phase III.

Phase III:

Building on the goals from Phases I and II, clients begin to work with their Case Manager on an individual exit plan. They set an example for new clients, develop a robust recovery support network, gain self-understanding, and remain active participants in a mutual support group.


Before graduation, Foundations staff and the client identify external community resources to support the client's reintegration into the community. These resources may include mental and physical healthcare, peer recovery support services, sponsorship, and educational institutions.

Our Recovery Residences

Welcome to Foundations to Freedom, a beacon of hope and transformation on the journey to healing. At Foundations, we understand the challenges and complexities associated with substance use and overcoming addiction, and we are here to guide each client towards a life of growth and lasting change.

Our program offers a supportive culture that fosters the development of practical coping skills and new life strategies. With access to on-site counseling, education, job training, and recreational activities, each client will become self-sufficient and work to reintegrate into society after struggling with their substance use disorder.

Compared to traditional rehabilitation centers or incarceration, our homes are a more cost-effective way to support one’s journey to wellness. We provide a structured environment for individuals to address their personal issues while offering access to community resources.

Peer support in our residences can be invaluable for individuals needing help with their progress or just moral support during difficult times. Our housing creates a sense of belonging and fosters a supportive environment for individuals to work on themselves.

Working together with the best companies for our treatment center

How much does it cost to live in our transitional housing?

At this time, Foundations To Freedom does not take anyone on the MAT program. An individual must be completely clean and sober of all substances upon admission. We also currently do not admit anyone who is a convicted sex offender or anyone with severe mental health and violent criminal background.

Please get in touch with us for more in-depth information on the cost of residing in a halfway house. Our knowledgeable team will happily assist you and provide all the necessary details.

The goal of Foundations To Freedom is to offer a secure, comfortable, and supportive environment where people can advance and gain maximum substance abuse treatment stages.

If you want to explore all our homes and discover the path to healing, click here to learn more about our comprehensive programs.

Are you looking for help? Come and check our halfway houses!

How do people qualify for our transitional living homes?

• Must pay weekly house fees.
• Must pay a one-time intake admissions fee at intake.
• Most commit to recovery for at least twelve (12) months.
• Must pass a breathalyzer and urinalysis test upon admission.
• Must complete all intake forms, including application and liability waivers.
• Must express a desire and willingness to enter and remain in abstinent based recovery.
• Must participate in all groups and counseling sessions, and volunteer for all fundraising activities.
• Must have a willingness to attend a daily approved mutual support meeting (AA/NA/Faith Based Programs).

• Must have a job, be actively seeking employment, attend outpatient program, or be involved in a community service or volunteer work during the workday.
• Must maintain complete abstinence from all substances that are mind or mood altering (certain prescription drugs may be acceptable and are discussed at the time of intake.
• Must agree to have their belongings searched, including their person, cell phone, luggage, and automobile. If any unacceptable items are found, the individual agrees to the items being destroyed or removed from the property.