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Men's Halfway Houses

Experience the path to renewed freedom and lasting sobriety at Foundation to Freedom's halfway house for men in DeLand, Florida. Our safe and supportive community provides the perfect environment for men to embark on their journey of recovery and personal growth. With a focus on empowerment and healing, our free halfway houses offer essential support and resources.

Our Halfway Houses For Men:
Embracing Transformation and Healing

For guys facing addiction and other difficulties, we offer halfway houses in Florida, click to check them. Our staff is committed to assisting residents in overcoming obstacles and leading stable lives. Our sober living environment is designed to help residents stay on track with their rehabilitation.

Residents are expected to abide by house rules, which include abstaining from drug and alcohol use, following a curfew, and participating in weekly house meetings. In addition, occupants are required to participate in regular outpatient treatment and attend weekly recovery meetings. Our sober living home provides residents the structure and support they need to maintain sobriety and build a foundation for a sober future.

Treatment facilities like ours are essential to the continuum of care for individuals with substance abuse disorders. Our sober living houses provide a vital link between inpatient treatment and sober living, helping occupants transition back into society with the skills and support they need to stay sober for life.

Residents work together as a family, delegating tasks and holding one another and the program accountable. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us today. Our sober living homes provide a structured, safe, sober living community for men and women struggling with substance abuse.

Foundation House

Empowerment House

Freedom House

Star House

Fortitude House

What is the Purpose of a Men’s Halfway House?

People who want to live healthy lives without using drugs or alcohol should consider sober living facilities. They give people a secure, safe environment to rebuild their way of life free from temptations that complicate rehabilitation.

Known as a sober living or recovery house, is a residential facility that provides a structured and supportive environment for individuals in recovery from substance abuse and addiction. These homes offer a safe and sober place to live while individuals work towards rebuilding their lives and achieving long-term recovery.

The purpose is multifaceted, serving as a bridge between inpatient treatment and independent living. Transitional homes provide a structured and supportive environment that helps individuals transition back into society and maintain their recovery.

To give people in recovery a secure and sober living space is one of main objectives. Keeping people on track with their recovery objectives involves keeping an eye on drug and alcohol usage and offering support and responsibility.

Another purpose of a men’s house is to provide support and guidance as individuals work towards rebuilding their lives and achieving long-term recovery. This can include assistance with finding employment, pursuing education, and developing healthy coping skills and behaviors. Many halfway houses also offer group therapy, individual counseling, and other supportive services to help residents address the underlying issues that led to their substance abuse and addiction.

In addition to helping individuals recover, men’s sober homes can also benefit the community by providing a safe and sober living environment that helps reduce the impact of substance abuse and addiction on society. Overall, the purpose is to provide a structured and supportive environment that helps individuals in recovery achieve long-term success and independence.

The Many Benefits of a Men's Halfway House

People who want to live healthy lives without using drugs or alcohol should consider sober living facilities. They give people a secure, safe environment to rebuild their way of life free from temptations that complicate rehabilitation.

A Safe, Sober Environment

Being constantly exposed to triggers is one of the most challenging things about overcoming addiction. Whether it's drug paraphernalia or simply being around people who still use, these triggers can make it very difficult to stay on the path to recovery. Our halfway house provides a safe environment for men to focus on healing without distractions.

Structure and Support

Addiction can create chaos in every area of your life. Our halfway house provides structure and support so that residents can begin to rebuild their lives healthily and sustainably. From following a daily schedule to meeting with a therapist once a week, our program helps men in early recovery establish healthy routines and develop a robust support system.

A Community of Peers

In addition to the support of our staff, residents also benefit from the camaraderie of their peers. Sharing experiences and relating to others who are going through similar challenges can be invaluable in early recovery. Our residents form close bonds with one another and provide a valuable support groups network as they navigate this difficult time.

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How much does it cost to live in our transitional housing?

At this time, Foundations to Freedom does not take anyone on the MAT program. An individual must be completely clean and sober of all substances upon admission. We also currently do not admit anyone who is a convicted sex offender or anyone with severe mental health and violent criminal background.

Please get in touch with us for more in-depth information on the cost of residing in a halfway house. Our knowledgeable team will happily assist you and provide all the necessary details.

The goal of Foundations To Freedom is to offer a secure, comfortable, and supportive environment where people can advance and gain maximum recovery stages.

If you want to explore all our homes and discover the path to healing, click here to learn more about our comprehensive recovery programs.

Are you looking for help? Come and check our halfway houses!

How do people qualify for our transitional living homes?

In order to be accepted into a Foundation's house and start your recovery process, a person must meet the following mandatory requirements:

▪ For the Empowerment house, you must be a woman with a child or children.
▪ Each individual must express a desire to turn away from their addictive lifestyle and a willingness to remain clean and sober.
▪ Each individual must complete all intake forms, including the application and liability waivers.
▪ Each individual must maintain complete abstinence from all mind- & mood-altering substances. This includes illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs (certain medical exceptions can be made), or any other substance used to alter the mind or mood of an individual.
▪ Each individual must commit to staying sober for at least twelve (12) months.

▪ Each individual must participate in all classes and counseling sessions available, as well as work and fundraising activities.
▪ Each individual must be willing to learn how to stay clean and sober through the twelve (12) Steps of Recovery programs of Alcoholics Anonymous ("AA") or Narcotics Anonymous ("NA").
▪ Each individual must either have a job, be actively seeking employment (this will be verified), be attending an outpatient program, or be participating in community service or volunteer work during the day.
▪ Each individual must pay a one-time admission fee, which is due at intake.
▪ Each individual must pay the House fee (see section § 3.02). Please note that during the admissions process, Foundations is required to call local law enforcement to determine if there are any active warrants on the client.